Basics to understanding the nature of the independence of Kosovo

The Espresso Stalinist

1. – Kosovo is a territory occupied since 1999 by NATO and the United States. It has one million eight hundred thousand inhabitants, mostly Albanians (of Islam). The Serb minority is 100-120000 inhabitants. With subsistence agriculture, its main economic resources are, at present, the European Union subsidies, work related withthe U.S. military base, remittances from migrants and organized crime (weapons, drugs, prostitution, theft luxury car), with organized military criminal gangs across Europe to finance the war against Serbia Kosovo Army (KLA) and the subsistence of their families.

2 .- Kosovo, with key support from the United States and Germany, has unilaterally declared an independent state, but major policy decisions regarding public spending, social programs, monetary and trade agreements will remain in the hands of government forces occupation of NATO and the United States.

3 .- The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, former leader of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA)…

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